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Tardy Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC

Criminal and Correctional Cases
Medical Record Tampering and Fraud
Personal Injury Cases
Life Care Planning
Product Liability Cases
Workers' Compensation and Workplace Injury Cases
Any case where health, illness or injury is an issue
Medical and Nursing Malpractice Cases


Our professional services include:

  • Reviewing and screening your cases to prevent wasting your time and resources on nonmeritorious cases

  • Reviewing and analyzing medical records for deviations from the medical and nursing standards of care

  • Summarizing medical records and preparing a trial-ready report with documented evidence

  • Preparing in-depth medical and nursing literature searches which provide the theoretical foundation

  • Identifying additional documents vital to your case preparation

  • Locate expert witnesses who can support your cases with authoritative testimony

Your legal expertise and TLNC's intimate knowledge of the inner workings of healthcare organizations and systems combine to produce your strongest case and achieve the best outcomes for your clients. TLNC is qualified with extensive experience in numerous healthcare settings to put medical terminology, disease processes, health issues and the healthcare system into common language for your team, the judge and the jury.

We at Tardy Legal Nursing Consulting, LLC look forward to assisting you and your team.


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